Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony is one of the highlights of the Pacific School Games. It is a chance for all athletes from all States/Territories and nations to get together in an athelete parade of nations and a celebration of the sporting and educational oppportunities they will participate throughout the Games.  

The 2017 Opening Ceremony will once again be held at the Adelaide Showgrounds and all parents, friends, supporters and members of the general public will be able to purchase tickets to attend the ceremony. 

Athletes will be the focus point of the Opening Ceremony, however Adelaide and all it's offerings will be showcased through local perfoming artists, sports people, local school children and community groups. 

This event will be a true celebration of the time, effort and dedication that athletes, parents, supporters and officials have committed to prepare for what is going to be a hugely exciting week of multisport events and educational opportunities. 

More information about the Opening Ceremony will be available shortly. 

2015 GAMES: South Australian athletes marching out at the 2015 PSG Opening Ceremony. 


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